Sunday, November 22, 2009

VisualVM OSGi Plugin available at the plugins center

The VisualVM OSGi plugin has become part of the OW2 Chameleon project, which tries to deliver a set of pluggable components for OSGi frameworks, allowing to create sorts of lightweight OSGi-based application servers with just the needed functionality. The VisualVM OSGi plugin was the initial step for a set of VisualVM plugins that will be provided in the Chameleon project.

Recently Jiri Sedlacek and Tomas Hurka have proposed to add a link to the OSGi plugin in the VisualVM 1.2 plugins center. Now you can install the plugin from the VisualVM 1.2 or above, in the menu Tools > Plugins. Don'f forget to download and install the appropriate OSGi bundle in your OSGi application (this is how the plugin will get the info about the OSGi application).
Detailed installation instructions can be found on the plugin page in Chameleon's wiki

Many thanks to my thesis advisor, Didier Donsez, for the idea of the plugin.
Thanks to Clément Escoffier, for inviting the VisualVM OSGi Plugin to the Chameleon project.
Thanks to Jiri and Tomas for all the tips, testing and for adding the plugin to the VisualVM plugins center, and thanks in advance for anyone who would eventually use the tool and hopefully provide any comments for improving it.

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