Friday, September 5, 2008

Exclusive OSGi session at Euromicro SEAA

I was at the 34th Euromicro conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA) to present an article about the tool that we have developed for detecting stale references in OSGi applications.
The conference had a session dedicated to OSGi in the Component-Based Software Engineering Track. Somehow it shows the industry/academia recognition of the important role that OSGi plays in the development of component-based appplications.

There were three articles presented in that session:
  • "Enhanced OSGi Bundle Updates to Prevent Runtime Exceptions"
    Premysl Brada
  • "Method for resource monitoring of OSGi-based software components"
    Tuukka Miettinen, Daniel Pakkala, Mika Hongisto
  • "Service Coroner: A Diagnostic Tool for locating OSGi Stale References"
    Kiev Gama, Didier Donsez
The other two presentations were pretty interesting. Each one of us showed little "hacks" for addressing some issues in the OSGi platform :)

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