Monday, June 16, 2008

How can we developers (not the companies) do off-shore jobs ?

Recently (actually just 40 minutes ago) I got an “almost certain” temporary home-office contract refused because I am overseas.
Huh ?

I’ll explain it… But skip to (2) if you’re in a hurry…

(1) The company is located in Brazil, and some people who know my job (and apparently trust on it) wanted to hire me for a temporary home-office job in that company. No development services with them so far, but as a freelance trainer last year I’ve even taught Java classes in this company which is also a faculty and tech training school, so I’m not a complete stranger for them.

I've quit my job 10 months ago and came to France to enroll in a computer science master’s degree. Ok so far. That's my choice. After knowing that some friends had done home-office for them, and since I was about to take summer vacations I’ve contacted them one month ago and said “hey if you need somebody for home-office development I’m here”.

Before leaving I left a legal representative in Brazil who can sign papers in my name, open bank accounts, etc. I’ve informed the company that I was going to be able to give legal receipts, invoices or whatever, which was what they have asked for.

But their legal department said NO…

(2) To make this story shorter:

  • The receipt/invoice would be issued by the town hall of my home city in Brazil (this is the type of receipt they asked for)
  • The money would be deposited in my bank account in Brazil
  • The job was going to be performed by a brazilian citizen with brazilian documents who would sign a contract with them, but with a TEMPORARY address in France and a PERMANENT address in Brazil.

However, as I am not residing in the country, the legal department refused to issue the temporary contract.

I have no clue how to deal with such situation. Neither these guys who contacted me have. They had good intention but the big guys said no…

My question is: how to deal with such issues related to off-shore jobs? Usually companies are hired to do off-shore. But what about people? Developers like me, like you.
Does anybody have ever faced similar situations?

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